CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 6 N10-005

CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 6 N10-005

Most Application-layer protocols only use UDP or TCP at the Transport layer. Which of the following could use both?





Which three of the following are types of denial of service attacks?





The OSI model uses an encapsulation method to describe the data as it is encapsulated at each layer of the OSI. What is the encapsulation named at the Data Link layer?






You want your users to log in and authenticate before they can get onto your network.
Which of the following services would you use?





You want to stop a hacker in their tracks. Which of the following devices are proactive in providing this service?







Which tool is used to attach ends to network cables?






If you wanted to verify the local IP stack on your computer, what would you do?






Which of the following protocol suites includes RTMP?





At which of the following layers of the OSI network model does a network adapter work?





A workstation gives an error message to a user. The message states that a duplicate IP address has been detected on the network. After developing a hypothesis, what should the next step be according to the standard troubleshooting model?





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