CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 8 N10-005

CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 8 N10-005

Routers perform routing at which OSI layer?






Which of the following statements associated with bus topology networks are correct? Select two answers.






Which device would connect network segments together, creating separate collision domains for each segment but only a single broadcast domain?





Which layer of the OSI model provides a user interface in the form of an entry point for programs to access the network infrastructure?





At which layers of the OSI model do hubs, bridges, and routers primarily operate, respectively?





Which of the following describes a VLAN?





You need to break up broadcast domains in a Layer 2 switched network. What strategy will you use?





Which of the following devices is used in Token Ring networks as the central device?





The rate at which the frame-relay switch agrees to transfer data is referred to as






Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for converting data into signals appropriate for the transmission medium?





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