CompTIA Network+ Practice Test 2 N10-005

CompTIA Network+ Practice Test 2 N10-005

Layer 2 of the OSI model is named ___________________.





You are using a TDR. Which three of the following actions can you do with this device?





One of the network administrators in your company has asked you to block port 23 on the router. Which of the following services is he asking you to block?





What is the term used for the number of hops necessary to reach a node?





Which network-performance-optimization technique can delay packets that meet certain criteria to guarantee usable bandwidth for other applications?






Which of the following IP addresses are not allowed on the Internet? (Choose all that apply.)





Which of the following are not Distance Vector routing protocols? (Choose all that apply.)





What is the basic purpose of a LAN?





Which of the following are considered cabling issues? (Choose all that apply)





You ask your ISP to assign a public IP address for the external interface of your Windows 2008 server, which is running a proxy server application. You get an email with the information; the ISP tells you that you have been assigned the IP address When you fill out the subnet mask field on the IP configuration dialog box on your system, what subnet mask is the best to use?





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