1000BASE-T is an Ethernet standard that isalso known as IEEE 802.3ab and is a Gigabit standard over copper wiring that transmits 1000 Mbps.  1000BASE-T network is supplied in a maximum length of 100 meters and uses 4 pairs of Category 5 cable of unshielded twisted pairs.

This is important because many companies typically use CAT-5 cabling for their systems so it makes it easier to integrate 1000Base-T.

This is how the 1000Base-T achieves its gigabit data transfer rate.1000BASE-T is applicable for use in data centers for uses such as up links from computer switches, server switching or in broadband applications that link directly to desktops.

Its existing copper cables are great because there is no need to rewire the 1000Base-T with optical fiber, it can just be used as is.

Unlike 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX, the 1000BASE-T standard utilizes all of its four cable pairs is concurrent data transmission that goes in both directions. The 1000BASE-T is sometimes also referred to as 1000BaseT.

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