How to use HyperTerminal Terminal Emulator on a Cisco Router or Switch

How to use HyperTerminal Terminal Emulator on a Cisco Router or Switch

HyperTerminal is emulator software that helps you to communicate with a router or switch through the console port. This software is readily available or pre-installed for the operating systems below Windows Vista.

For the operating systems above Windows XP, open source software called Putty,an open source, is available.

HyperTerminal helps to configure Cisco router or switch, monitor them and manage routers and switches. If you are operating on Windows XP, follow these steps to configure Cisco router or switch using HyperTerminal.

Following are the prerequisites for configuring router or switch using HyperTerminal

1. A Cisco router or Switch.

2. A console cable for connecting a router to PC.

3. A PC with the serial port on it.

4. In the absence of Serial port, one can make use of USB port present on the system.

5. Proper cables must be taken during the selection of cable depending on the availability of ports.

6. HyperTerminal software, it is available by default in windows XP operating system.

Connecting router or switch to computer:

1. Connect one of end of console cable to the console port of router

2. Connect another end of the cable to the serial port of Computer.

3. In the absence of serial port use RJ-45 to USB console port and connect to USB port available on Computer.


Configuring Cisco router or switch:

1. To open HyperTerminal Click on Start. Then select programs followed by accessories.

2. In communication section of Accessories, you will find HyperTerminal software.

3. Enter desired name for the connection and click OK

4. A new window pops up asking for COM ports number. The port number helps system to communicate with the router or switch through Hyper Terminal.

5. Select appropriate Port and click OK

6. Port number may vary every time you connect device. Hence check for port number in the device manager.

7. Set baud rate as 9600, Data bits and stop bits as 8 and 1 respectively with no parity

8. On pressing enter after making changes, HyperTerminal window gives you command line interface of the Cisco router or a switch.

9. Make necessary changes to the router.

10. To exit select exit from file menu available at the top of the screen.

If you encounter any problem refresh the system or there might be an issue in the cable selection.

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