How to Adjust Facebook Privacy Settings

Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings

It’s important to know exactly how to adjust your privacy settings. Facebook changes its format every once in a while, so it’s a good idea to check with your settings every so often to ensure that your preferences haven’t been altered.

1. To check your settings you must first click on the button that looks like a lock with three horizontal lines beside it. The button is located in the top right corner of your screen. That will then show you a drop down list of items for you to click on.

privacy setting

2. Next, click ‘privacy checkup’ at the top of the other tabs which are named ‘Who can see my stuff?’ and ‘Who can contact me?’ In those secondary tabs you can change your privacy settings as well.

3. Adjust the privacy of your posts by clicking on a drop down list of all options of people to share your posts with – public, friends, or only me. Once you’ve decided on that, click ‘next’ and repeat this action for your applications and your profile.


4. It is also possible to block someone by clicking the ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’ tab. Enter their name or e-mail to stop them from messaging you or seeing your posts. That particular person will no longer be able to contact you, though if you have any more problems with that person, you may be able to report them to the website’s administrators.


5. Another way to check on your privacy settings is to click on the tab the looks like an arrow head pointing down, which is to the right of the lock and lines. Another drop down list will appear.


drop down list

6. Click on ‘settings’ near the end of the list and then click on ‘privacy’ which can be found on the left hand side of the page that you have been redirected to.


7. Scroll through the options on that section of the page and read each function. You will be able to manage your profile, check on your privacy, and edit and secure other information as well.

privacy setting and tools

Facebook provides you with all the tools you need to ensure you are comfortable with your privacy settings. They put you in control of the audience that is able to see your posts. It is important that you protect yourself and that you aware of the information that is displayed to particular people. Stay safe on your social networks and continuously check up on your settings.

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