How to Delete Imported Contacts on Facebook Phonebook

Facebook Phonebook – Deleting Imported Contacts

On your Facebook mobile application, you may have uploaded contacts from your contact list. For some reason, you may decide that you want to delete your imported contacts. This is a simple process that doesn’t take much time at all.

You can delete and import the contacts as often as you’d like. They’re your contacts after all.

1. Start by logging into your Facebook application. At the top right corner of your screen you will see a menu button which looks like three stacked horizontal lines. Tap on it.

horizontal lines,

2. Scroll down through the menu until you see an option that says ‘app settings’, then tap on it. This option has a gear image on the left side. It should also be the first option under the heading ‘help & settings.’

 app settings

3. As you scroll down through the new screen, you will come across the words ‘continuous contacts upload.’ This is the third option from the top. To the right of those words, you should see a blue toggle button. If you tap it, it will turn white.

continous contact upload

4. Once you tap on it, a new window will come up asking you if you’re sure about turning off this option. If you are, press ‘turn off’ highlighted in blue.

turn off

All of the contacts that you uploaded with this option will now be deleted. You can turn it on again by clicking the toggle button, but then you’ll have to re-add everyone.

The contacts that you choose to keep on your Facebook account are the people that you share lots of information with. You’re allowed to be picky about who those contacts are. Facebook provides a variety of settings for their users to help everyone get the best experience possible. Make the most out of your experience and understand all of the settings options that are available to you.

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