I Can Not Open or Send Messages on Facebook

Facebook – Can’t Open or Send Messages

With any piece of technology, there are usually some issues that pop up from time to time. Even Facebook comes across issues. If you are unable to view or send messages, try not to stress out. There may be a way to fix it, but you’ll have to ask for some help. Facebook’s Help Center is the first place you should go when experiencing an issue with the site.

The employees will help you as best they can. Facebook wants all their users to have a flawless experience with their site, so it’s important that you contact them. Report your issue and don’t get too frustrated.

1. When you’re signed into Facebook, press the menu button, which looks like an arrow. This icon is in the top right corner of your screen. When you click on it, a drop down list of options will appear. At the bottom, one of the options is called ‘help.’ Click on it.

menu button

2. A new window will appear and at the top you will see a search bar. Type in something like ‘can’t open or send messages.’

can't open send message

A list of articles will come up and if you find one that you think is useful then click on it.

useful then click

3. If you can’t find help from this, next you should report the problem. To do that, go back to the menu where you found ‘help.’ Two options below that ‘help’ is called ‘report a problem.’ Click on that.

4. A window will pop up and will ask you what type of problem you want to report. In this instance, something isn’t working, so click on that option in the middle.


5. A new window will appear. Select what the problem is from a drop down list, explain the situation in the text box, add some screenshots if you need to, and then press ‘send.’


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