How to Unfriending a Friend on Facbeook

Unfriending Someone on Facebook

We don’t have to be friends with anyone that we don’t want to, especially on Facebook. You have the opportunity to unfriend anyone that you want. There are a variety of reasons to unfriend someone, but that’s not really important.

Your friends list is under your control and you don’t have to justify your decisions. Sometimes unfriending someone can be hard, especially if they ask you about it later. However, if that person is never on Facebook anymore, then that’s a viable reasons to unfriend them.

1) First, you have to be on the person’s profile. Get there by clicking on their name as you see it on your newsfeed or friends list. You can also find them by typing their name into the search bar.

person’s profile

2) Once you’ve been directed to a person’s profile, you will see a few buttons in the bottom right corner of their cover photo. One of the first buttons in the row will say ‘friends’ with a check mark beside it.


3) Click the ‘friends’ button and watch a drop down list appear. At the bottom of this list is the word ‘unfriend.’ Click on that next.

get notifications

4) You will instantly be unfriended from this person. The button that previously said ‘friends’, will now say ‘add friend.’

add friend

You can add this person back at any time, but they will have to re-accept your request. People unfriend others for so many reasons. Maybe you never talk anymore, or their posts are not entertaining. Whatever the reason is, that’s the individual’s business.

If you’d rather not let someone know that you’re unfriending them, you can always block them. Blocking someone lets you still be friends, but they can’t view many of your posts. If you unfriend someone, they will notice because they will no longer see you in their friends list.

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