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For many years, people have relied on the Microsoft Office suite for business-related and personal needs. If anyone ever needs to make a presentation for a class project or business meeting, then the Microsoft Office suite has the tools to do so. Microsoft PowerPoint is a strong piece of presentation software. Many people find it easy to use and have fun with its features. PowerPoint is a program part of the whole Microsoft Office suite. It is usually paired with Word and Excel when people want to purchase it.

This program is used to create a string of slides. Users can include text, videos, images, links, and other sources of media in their presentation. People can create the slides with various colors, borders, or pre-set designs. PowerPoint gives people all the necessary tools to create a professional looking slide presentation. The word ‘slide’ is meant to refer to a projector slide. Old projectors have long been replaced by this new form of software. Everyone is able to comprehend its simplistic features. Users can tap into their creative sides. Even the most simplistic of presentations can intrigue or inspire someone.

PowerPoint was developed by two men, Dennis Austin, and Thomas Rudkin. They worked for a company called Forethought Inc. At first, they planned to call this system Presenter, but they couldn’t use that name because of trademark issues. Robert Gaskins said that they should call it PowerPoint. In 1987, Microsoft bought Forethought Inc. They transformed the company into a graphics business unit under the Microsoft name. Then, they continued on with the development of PowerPoint.

The software was released to the public in 1990. This version of it could only create slides that moved forward, and there were not many customization options available. This left users with strict limitations about what they could create. An upgrade to PowerPoint was launched in 1997. This new software was able to have transitional effects for each slide. The effects could be timed so that with each slide change, the transition effects would occur automatically.

This new setup allowed greater ease for the users. They could follow a predefined progression of the slides. They could continue with their presentation fluidly without having to pause to change or read the slides. The presentation would be able to continue without issues or extra actions from the presenter. This helped make the presenter and the audience all the happier.