Basics of PowerPoint

Basics of PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation creator.  It is a great way to organize presentations that you will be displaying to people, as it organizes information clearly and with noticeable organization.  Here are some basics of PowerPoint-

First of all, in order to even be able to use Microsoft PowerPoint, you must download Microsoft Office, which contains Word, PowerPoint and Excel, among many other products that Microsoft offers in the bundle.

In PowerPoint, the key is that information is now organized on slides, which you, a presenter, would scroll through as presenting.  Each slide can be organized differently, but the point is to tell a cohesive story or teach a lesson through scrolling through all these slides.

After opening PowerPoint, you’ll find yourself inside a screen in which you can add new slides, edit previously existing slides, and add more content.  However, PowerPoint also offers a different mode- Presentation mode.  Here, the presenter’s computer will be set up so you can see all the slides on one side and what the audience is seeing in the middle.  This allows for cohesive presenting that is usually smooth and allows the presenter lots of options.

Microsoft PowerPoint is possibly one of the best and most used methods of teaching a lesson about a particular topic.  For this example, we will look at a sample PowerPoint I found online about the American Revolution-

First up is the title slide.  Here, we see some flashy graphics attempt to grab the viewer’s attention, as well as displaying valuable information about the presentation.


After this, here is a sample slide depicting information about the American Revolution.  It shows the title of the slide clearly at the top- “The Declaration of Independence”, and then goes on to list information and quote, as well as include an image.  It displays a lot of information compactly and allows for further explanation by the presenter.


Here, we can see how the presenter mode allows for seeing ahead and on-the-spot editing, among other features, while the viewers only can see what was on the other monitor.


In this lesson we covered how Powerpoint functions and why it is useful.  Although there are other ways of conveying information that are far more efficient, Powerpoint is unique in that it creates memorable presentations with the presenters guidance that deliver the information quickly and efficiently.  Next lesson, we will cover how to create a new Powerpoint.

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