Why should we hire you

Why Should we hire you? (Interview Questions and Answers).

When you are applying for any, you will find that the job interviewer will ask you question which are designed to separate the stronger candidates from the weaker ones, the more serious candidates from the less serious ones and the more worthwhile candidates from the not-so-worthwhile.  The way interviewers do this is by asking specific questions that can provide a lot of insight into the interviewee’s personality, character and suitability for the position. These questions are explored in this article below:

(1)    Why should we hire you?

This is a big question and the main one most interviewers ask. It can divide those who are seriously looking for work from those who are casually looking for work.  It is also a question that looks for the answer to demonstrate the candidate’s best strengths but to do this without being egotistical or inflated in their own self-assessment of their abilities.  There is a fine line between creating yourself to be a valuable asset to a company and between displaying immodesty. To answer this question you should:
•    Discuss what skills you have already from previous jobs that the new position will need
•    List the positive things you can bring to your job position
•    Have clear communication and confident body language when you answer.

(2)    Why did you choose this career?

This question is designed to find out if you are a viable candidate who will stay in the job and develop in that career pathway for a long time or if you are someone who is uncertain about their career choice and may leave the job without developing within the company.  Interviewers will look for employees who want to grow with a company so it is important to show you are serious about your career choice, you can do this by:
    Explaining why your career is your passion and why you enjoy it.
•    Discuss how you want to develop in your career path over the next few years

(3)    What can you bring to this company?

Interviewers would obviously like to know what the value of a potential employee will be to the company. This question can be the make or break question in a job interview because it is usually the only opportunity that candidates will get to provide an answer that can distinguish them from other candidates and help their application look unique.  In your answer you should:
•    Reflect back to the job requirements and say how you will not only fill these but exceed them
    Explain what you know about the company, its’ culture and how it works and how you may fit into this environment and contribute to it.

Overall, these interview questions are asking why you are the best person for the job and what it is that makes you stand out from all the others. What can you do differently and better than anyone else that would bring value to the company?  Try to distinguish yourself as much as possible when you answer these questions.

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