What interests you about this job

What Interests You About This Job?

What interests you about this job?” is one of the questions that can give your attitudes, and preparation, occasion to shine. It’s worth consideration, because the way you will answer this can set your apart from the other candidates, and show how much information you already have gathered about the company.

The answer to this question should never be about you, but about what you can do for the company. You should describe how what personal traits of yours are a fit for the position offered, and how you are attuned in using them to become an asset on the job.

Your knowledge about the company setting and goals should be used to make your reply focus on the most important aspects.

You have to express that you will give them results, and that you how know you will it’s because you’ve been successful in past jobs.

Answering to “What Interests You About This Job?”

Your reply should never focus on monetary matters, but on the job characteristics that convinced you’d to be a good fit, and on what professional opportunities you’d find appealing with the company.

The job interviewer needs to know how exactly you’d fit inside the job setting, that you have the potential for productivity right from the start, and that you’ll know how to you use your capabilities. It’s important for your confidence, in how to use your strengths, and your skills, to come across.

It presents you as having a clear view of what will be asked of you on the workplace, and sets you apart both from candidates trying for the job casually, and from candidates with your same qualifications, but a inferior grip of their own market value and skills.

• An example: “I see great opportunities for my professional and personal growth, in this job, and where my strongest traits can be an asset for the company. That got me interested. I’m a hardworking, detail oriented person, and a good team-player.

I love communicating with my coworkers to solve problems, so that the job can run smoothly and we can work in sync, for a better performance. My strong point is to manage resources and assure that there are no details left to chance, and I know it will be the right person for the job. Furthermore, working in a setting of this type would bring my skills even farther from previous jobs, and allow my professional skills to become even better.”

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