What are your Salary Expectations

What are Your Salary Expectations?

Salary negotiations don’t happen during a job interview, but you still might find yourself questioned over your expectations about the salary.

This delicate matter can hide pitfalls and impact the job interview outcome. If you can help it, you should avoid replying with a precise amount, but keep it to the market value range for that job position, from XX to YY. At this stage, monetary aspects should always keep to the market value, if possible.

Both a request with an expectation that’s too low and a request that overvalues your worth can reflect negatively on your chances. Too low, and your value is lowered too. Too high, and the company might choose a more affordable candidate.

The right moment to discuss your salary will come after you’re given a job offer.

Answering to “What Are Your Salary Expectations?”

It’s important, in any case, that your reply shouldn’t impress in the job interviewer that your interest for the position is purely monetary. Stress how the compensation isn’t your main focus, and highlight again your interest in the company, in how for you opportunity, professional growth and quality of the job are just as important.

This question might just be your job interviewer trying to decide your value, and if the company can afford you, but even so, until the job offer isn’t given and salary negotiations don’t start, your position in the discussion isn’t strong.

• “What do you earn? What have you earned recently?” This is question that could be asked about your salary history, and in that case, you should be truthful. Your answer could be verified, and a lie will cost you the job.

Asking “What Could I Expect To Earn?”

Questions of this type should always be avoided until salary negotiations, but if you have the need to ask, you’ll be better off with focusing again on the market value range for the position.

It’s still not advised, since your preparation for the interview should include these information, so you’ll know what to expect when the time to talk about salary expectations comes.

Remember, your interest for the monetary compensation the position will offer shouldn’t come off as a priority over opportunity and professional growth. If you ask, you should make clear that the question is to satisfy your curiosity, and will not impact your decision about the job position you want to fill. Considerations about taking or not taking the offer should come after the interview, when the offer is made.

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