How to Setup a Wireless Network Tutorial

How to setup a Wireless Network Step by Step guide

In today’s world we have many devices that need to communicate with each other and having wires for connecting each dive would be cumbersome. Also having the network wired would restrict the mobility for a person or device.

Thus the use of Wireless became popular; you can connect multiple devices and not be forced to sit in one place. Wireless provides the benefit of mobility and also avoids the unnecessary wiring that would otherwise fill your full room with cables.

We will do this demonstration in Packet tracer. Let’s take the below scenario, where we have two computers and a Wireless router.


To Setup the Wireless network, you need a wireless network adapter. In below diagram, we select the Linksys Wireless adapter and connect it to the device.


By default the Wireless Router will be having DHCP configured and enabled, which has the DHCP pool in the range of to

ip address

The Computers are configured to receive IP from the DHCP Server.

PC0 is configured to get IP using DHCP and this gets the IP:

ip config


Similarly, PC1 get the IP address


The default credentials for the Wireless Router are as below:

SSID: default

Username: admin

Password: admin

The router IP is set to:

We will connect from the PC0 and using the web browser, we will configure the wireless router. In Packet tracer, Under Desktop Tab, Click Web browser and in the URL space give the IP of the Wireless Router.


Login with the credentials: admin / admin

In the GUI for the Router configuration, Scroll down and under the DHCP setting, select the “Disabled” Option.

router ip

setting are successful

Now, let’s change the configuration to be static and have the configuration as below:

Username: admin

Password: certilogy

Now under the Administration tab, change the default admin password for the router, so no one else can login.

We keep username as “admin” and change the password to “certilogy”


Once you save this setting and continue, you will again be prompted for the password as the credentials have changed and you need to provide the new credentials.

Username: admin

Password: certilogy


Now let’s change the SSID so we remember it as our Wireless Network (change it to “certilogy” and also change security mode to “WEP” and provide a key “0987654321”. Thus when any computer will try to connect to this Wireless Router, It will have to choose the SSID as “certilogy” and when asked for PIN / Key “0987654321”

network name

Under the Wireless Security, select WEP as Security Mode and assign a Key.

wireless security

Click on Save Setting and thus the configuration on the Wireless Router side is complete. Now we would need to configure the PC0 and PC1 with static IP address and then try to connect it to the Wireless Router.





Now Click on PC wireless on the Desktop Menu and Connect to the WIFI Network.

pc wireless

And Click on the WIFI Network and Connect to it with the WEP Key

wep key

link info

We see that we have now successfully connected to the Wireless Network.

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