How to Send a Document, Image or File as an attachment on Facebook

Sending Attachments on Facebook

When you’re messaging someone on Facebook, you may want to send them a file. Facebook allows a plethora of things to be shared through this platform. You can send text, images, files, and more.

1. To send an attachment, start by going to your messages page. To get to that page, click on the chat bubble icon at the top right area of the Facebook homepage. Then click ‘see all’ at the bottom of the window that will appear.

see all

2. On the message page, click on a person’s name on the left side of the screen to open the conversation with them.


3. The conversation will show up on the right. At the bottom of the conversation window, there will be a text box. Below that text box, in the left corner, there will be an option that says ‘add files’ and it has an image of a paper clip beside it.

add files

4. When you click on that button, a window will appear with all of your computer documents. Select which file you want to attach and then press ‘open.’

file name

5. That attachment will take a moment to load. Once it’s ready, type in a message if you’d like, and then press your enter key to send it.

press enter

Usually there are size limits for the attachments that can be sent at once. This more pertains to multiple attachments at one time.

Generally, a single word document or photo will not max out the size limit. If you have multiple things to attach, you may have to send multiple messages.

There’s no limit, though, to how many attachments you can send in one conversation. You can share as much as you want with your friends. They can send attachments to you as well. You don’t always have to send text with an attachment, but it does help if you need to explain what something is.

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