How Can I Delete Photos on Facebook

Deleting Photos on Facebook

Some people have hundreds of photos that they have posted to Facebook. If you’re one of those people, it may be time to declutter. If you have a photo or photos that you don’t want to have on your account anymore, you are able to delete it.

You don’t have to continue to look at the 2008 version of yourself. Or even last year’s version. Wipe away those unwanted images and hopefully you’ll never have to be haunted by them again.

1. To delete a photo, you must first go to your profile. Do that by clicking on your name at the top of Facebook’s homepage.


2. Just below your cover photo, you should see a row of tabs. The one at the far right is called ‘photos.’ Click on it to be redirected and view your photos.


3. Scroll through your photos until you find one that you want to remove. Scroll over that particular photo and you will see an icon in the top right corner that looks like a pen. Click on it and a list of options will appear. Then click ‘delete this photo’ at the bottom of the list.

4. You can also click on the photo itself. It will show up on the entire screen. You can only delete it, if it is your photo so keep that in mind. At the bottom, you should see the word ‘options.’ Click on it and see the same list of options.

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5. Click on ‘delete this photo.’ Next, a window will appear that will ask you if you’re sure. If you are, press the blue ‘confirm’ button in the bottom right corner.


The page will then reload and the photo will be gone from your Facebook and can no longer be viewed. If you want it back on your Facebook page, you’ll just have to reload the picture.

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