How Can I Share Dropbox Files on Facebook

Sharing Dropbox Files from Facebook

When you want to share Dropbox files in a Facebook group, it’s a simple process. Sharing is what social networking is all about. We can share a variety of documents, photos, and more. Dropbox is yet another method we use to connect our friends and family with particular content. When you want to share a file with your friends in a group on Facebook, follow these instructions.

1. Click on the name of the group that you want to share a file in. You can find your group on the left sidebar of the main Facebook page. Scroll down until you see the heading ‘groups’ and click on the desired group.


2. Near the top of the group’s page, there will be a text box similar to the ones used when typing out statuses and messages. There should be four tabs at the top of this box, one of which named ‘add file.’

add file

3. Click on ‘add file’ and the text box will expand. To the right you will see an option with the heading ‘from your Dropbox.’ Click on ‘choose file’ below that heading.

choose file

4. A window will then appear, telling you what information on Facebook that your Dropbox account will have access to. If you want to continue, press ‘okay.’


5. Next, decide what the security setting should be for all Dropbox files posted to Facebook. Then click ‘okay.’


6. Once you’ve connected the Dropbox app with your Facebook, you must sign into your account. If you don’t have one, you can press ‘create an account’, which is a blue highlighted button.

sign in

7. After you’ve logged in, select the file that you wish to add, and press ‘open.’ A link to that file will then show up in the Facebook group for everyone in the group to enjoy. Load as many files as you want and see what your friends have to say.

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