How to Allow Friends to Add Your Email Address in Their Archives

Facebook – Allowing Contacts to Add Your E-mail Address in Their Archives

Facebook gives its users access to plenty of information that is stored on their servers. The information given will only be information that belongs to the individual looking to download their archive. For security purposes, Facebook doesn’t generally share someone else’s information with an unwanted party. If you want to allow your friends to include your e-mail address in their own archives, you have the ability to do so.

1. Start by going to your settings page. To get there, find the button at the top right corner of your Facebook homepage that looks like an arrow. When you click on it, a drop down list will appear. Click on the option that says ‘settings.’


2. On this new page, there is a list of tabs on the left hand side. The top option is called ‘general.’ If you’re not there already, click on it.


3. The third setting from the top on the right of this list of tabs is called ‘email.’ When you click on the blue ‘edit’ button on the right of this option, the section will expand.


4. Near the bottom of this section are the words ‘allow friends to include my email address in Download Your Information.’ Check the box to the left of these words and then press ‘save changes.’


5. Next, a new window will appear where you must type in your Facebook password. After that, press ‘submit.’


Your change will instantly be saved and you’ll be done. If you want to download your own information, you can click on the highlighted words ‘Download Your Information’ in that ‘email’ section. You’ll then be redirected to a different page where you can download everything. Initiate that process by clicking the green ‘start my archive’ button. Get a copy of everything that you’ve shared on your Facebook profile like images, messages, and more.

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