How to Cancel a Sent Friend Request on Facebook

Cancelling a Sent Friend Request on Facebook

If you have sent someone a friendship request and they haven’t accepted it yet, then there’s still time to cancel. You may want to cancel it because you made a mistake or you just don’t want to be friends with that person. No matter what the reason was, there’s still time to change it. Even when you are friends with someone, you can delete them. If you want to launch a pre-emptive strike and cancel the request, then feel free.

1. Go to the profile page of the person you sent a request to. You can find them by typing in their name in the search bar at the top left corner of the Facebook screen.


2. Once you’re on their page, look to the right of their profile picture and in the corner of the cover photo. You will see a button that says ‘friend request sent.’

friend request send

3. Click on that button, and a drop down list will appear. At the bottom of that list are the words ‘cancel request.’ That’s where you click next.


4. A new window will appear to ask you if you’re sure of this. Click on ‘cancel request’ if you are or ‘go back’ if you’re not.

cancel request

5. After that, your request will automatically be rescinded. In replacement of the button that said ‘friend request sent’ there will be a button that says ‘add friend.’

add friend

You always have the option of sending and resending friend requests. The only way that you can officially be friends with someone is if they accept it.

You can’t force someone to add you and if they’re not online then they won’t be able to do it anyways. Just be patient and wait and see if they accept the request. If you get tired of waiting, feel free to cancel it and there will be no hard feelings.

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