How to Set Appear Offline Status on Facebook

Facebook Offline Statuses

If your account is set to ‘offline’, but you’re logged into your account, no one will be able to tell. There will be no little green dot beside your name. People stay offline when they’re logged into their account for a variety of reasons.

It may be because they’re playing a game or don’t want to be disturbed. Whatever the reason is, that’s your business. You can be offline for as long as you want and no one can tell you otherwise.

1. To appear offline, look to the right and see the chat box on the main Facebook page. Click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner for a list of options.

chat sound

2. Click on the option that says ‘turn off chat’, which is near the end of the list. A window will pop up to ask you who you want to turn off your chat for. Click on ‘turn off chat for all friends’, or one of the other two if that’s what you prefer, and then click ‘okay.’

turn off chat for all friends

Your chat is now officially off. You won’t be able to see who is online until you turn it back on. Turn the chat on and off as often as you’d like. Everyone’s preferences are different and luckily Facebook is accommodating to all different types of people.

Messaging Friends with an Offline Status

You can message people like you regularly would with an online status. Send and receive as many massages as necessary. The only difference that an offline status makes is that people can’t see that you’re online and vice versa.

 You can chat with all of your friends regardless of their status. If you’re messaging someone that isn’t online, it may take them a while to reply. If you need someone urgently, you might want to find another means of communication.

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