How to Change Facebook Refresh Interval on Android Mobile Phone

Facebook Android – Changing the Refresh Interval

When you’re using Facebook on your phone, you may not need to have it constantly refreshing itself. Reducing the frequency that it refreshes can help you save your battery life or limit the amount of times that you get notified of the activity on Facebook.

It’s a quick process which is only a few taps of the screen away.

1. After opening your Facebook application, tap on the menu button which looks like three horizontal lines, one on top of the other.

horizontal lines,

2. A long list of tabs will show up, so scroll down until you see the one that says ‘app settings.’ It is usually the option just underneath the heading ‘help & settings.’

app setting

3. As you scroll down through the app settings, you will see near the end that there is an option called ‘refresh interval.’ Just below that option you will see a subheading that shows how often your application refreshes, like one hour.

refresh interval

4. When you tap on ‘refresh interval’ a new window will pop up. This window shows you your options for how often the application automatically refreshes. Tap on your choice and then the window will automatically close. You can also press ‘cancel’ at the bottom of the window if you’ve changed your mind.


The refresh interval can be changed whenever and as often as you’d like. Facebook likes giving people as many options as possible to accommodate their preferences. Make sure you know where to find all of these options. If you don’t, then you’ll have to live with the options that were already set up when you downloaded the application.

You also might drain more of your phone’s battery if you don’t go through your settings. You can always sign out of your Facebook app and then sign back in when needed, but staying signed in is usually more convenient.

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