How to do Automatic Translation on Facebook

Automatic Translation on Facebook

Facebook is used by people from all around the world. Everyone has the option to use Facebook in their native language. You may have a friend on Facebook that uses a different language than you.

If you want to see what their post says, there is a function on Facebook that can help you do that. Facebook, with the help of the web browser, can take words from any language and translate them into another one. It could be that you need it translated into English, but there are also a lot of other languages that something can be translated into. Whichever language that your account is set up to display that’s the language that it will automatically translate into.

1. When you see a post that is in another language, you will be able to translate it. At the bottom left corner of the post, you will see a button that says ‘see translation’ highlighted in blue.


2. As soon as you click on that button, the words will be translated in an instant. It will also tell you which language it has been translated from.

 translate from arabic

Translating posts has no limit. As long as you see the button there, you can push it. The translation may not be completely accurate depending on what’s being said in the post and which language it’s being translated into. Facebook also asks you to rate the translation to help them improve their system. A white bar shows up beside the highlighted words. If you scroll over it you will be able to see the different ratings. The best rating is at the far right.

Diversity is an important part of today’s society. We should be able to celebrate all of the different languages around us. We might even be able to learn a few words from the foreign language if we pay close enough attention.

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