How to Recover a Forgotten Password on Facebook

Recovering a Forgotten Password

Many of us have several different accounts that we have to keep track of passwords for. We have many different passwords and sometimes we forget which password goes to which account. When this happens, the websites we are trying to log onto usually allow us to recover our passwords. Facebook is one of them and it’s an easy process.

1. When you’re on Facebook’s login page, you can sign in at the top right corner. There is a button underneath the password textbox that says ‘forgot your password?’ Click on that highlighted button.


2. You will be directed to a new page where you have to input your e-mail. After that, press ‘search.’


3. Next, you will be shown a name and a profile picture. If these belong to you, press ‘this is my account’ to the right of this information.

this my account

4. Then you have to decide which e-mail address you want to use to create the new password. Click on the correct option, then press ‘continue.’

 select option

5. Check your e-mail for messages from Facebook. Within that e-mail, you will get a reset code.

reset password

6. Type in that code on the Facebook page and then press ‘continue.’


7. Next, a new section will ask you to type in your new password. After that, press ‘continue.’

 new password

8. You can decide whether you want to stay logged into other devices with your account or sign out. Then press ‘continue.’

stay logged in

Remembering your password is an important part of securing your accounts. Another important thing to do is to change the passwords frequently. You have to be able to protect your information. You can’t always rely on other people to do it for you.

Make sure you always have a sure fire way to remember your password. Additionally, make a password that no one will guess, but is not too complicated for you to remember.

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