What Distinguishes a Fake Facebook Profile From a Real One

What Distinguishes a Fake Facebook Profile From a Real One

For whatever reason, there are some Facebook accounts that are fake. It’s important to know how to spot these accounts so that you can protect yourself. Fake Facebook accounts are usually run by people looking to stir up trouble. Be wary of these people, especially if they add you as a friend.

Always be wary of people who add you that you don’t know, even if that person has one or two mutual friends. You don’t want to be the victim, so be on the lookout for bad situations. If anything about this person makes you uncomfortable, get away from them. Block them, unfriend them, and keep them away.

1) Fake Facebook accounts usually don’t have profile pictures or have one that looks like a stock photo. Trust your gut and figure out if this person is real or not. Anyone that isn’t fake generally has a profile picture that looks believable.

profile picture

2) Some fake accounts have little to no information on their Facebook profile. If there is any information on it, then read it carefully.

If there’s information that doesn’t make sense or sounds phony, then don’t trust this person. Some people may be more elaborate and provide plenty of information. Again, read it to make sure it all makes sense. You don’t want to be adding this person if they’re going to cause trouble.

3) If you are friends with a strange person, look at how they talk to you in a message. If they claim to be a teenager, but talk like a middle-aged man, then that’s a red flag. Be careful not to give this person any personal information. This is for security, to avoid getting your account hacked.

4) Check out the stranger’s friends list too. If the friends all seem made up, then it’s possible that you’re dealing with a fake account.


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