How to Configure Hostname, Clock and set banner on Cisco Router

How to Configure Hostname, Clock and set banner on Cisco Router

  • Setting and verifying CLOCK TIME and DATE 

Router> enable

Router# clock set 13:30:00 15 Apr 2014 (now the clock time and date is set according to UTC.)

For verifying

Router# show clock

13:31:30 UTC Tue 15 Apr 2014

As we have seen in the above time display, it displays the UTC time, which means we have to set the time zone for every country. 

Router# configure terminal

Router(Config)# clock timezone EST 1 0  (Because EST (Eastern Time zone) for England is UTC+1:00, which means 1 is hour and 0 is minutes.) 

Verifying Again:

Router(Config)# exit

Router# show clock

14:33:39  EST  Tue  15 Apr  2014

  • Setting and Verifying HOSTNAME of Router

To set the HOSTNAME of router, follow the procedure below:

Default HOSTNAME of  router is ”Router”.

Router> enable

Router# configure terminal

Router(Config)# hostname Norman_Router


You can see the default HOSTNAME “Router” is replaced by “Norman_Router”, and hence it is verified.

  • Setting and verifying the Banner

To Set the banner on the router, follow the procedure below.

Norman_Router> enable

Norman_Router# configure terminal

Norman_Router(Config)# banner motd #*** Welcome to Norman Router ***#

Where motd = message of the Day

Verifying the Banner

Norman_Router(Config)# exit

Norman_Router# exit

*** Welcome to Norman  Router ***


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