How to save router configurations

How to save router configurations

All the configuration of both the routers will be on Running-Config, which is temporary memory. We have to save it to Startup-Config to save the configuration for long time, as discussed in the Memory topic of the router.

First of all, we will see how to access those types of memory in the router.

Going to Norman_Router Prompt

Norman_Router> enable

Norman_Router# show running-config

These above commands will show the running-config of Norman_Router as below:


It will show all the configurations that are done on the router.

Accessing the Startup-Config On Norman_Router

Norman_Router# show startup-config

startup-config is not present

We have not saved the configuration yet.

Saving the Configuration TO Startup-config

Norman_Router# copy running-config startup-config

Which means it copies the running-config to startup-config


Norman_Router# write memory

You can use any of the above commands to save the configuration to Startup-config.

Verifying the Startup-Config

Norman_Router# show startup-config


All the configurations are copied to Startup-config (NVRAM).

Showing the Flash Memory

Norman_Router# show flash


As shown in the above image, the flash memory of Norman_Router consists of three files, out of which the two are .xml files and one is a .bin file (it is the router IOS image, which is decompressed at the booting time) and then we are able to access and configure the router.

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