is a private IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is often used as a default IP address and gateway by hardware manufacturers.

If your router was manufactured by a hardware company which uses this code as a default IP, you can type into your Internet browser in order to access your router’s administrator panel.

An IP address is an identification code assigned to computers or devices (such as iPods and tablets) which use the Internet to communicate. It is always made up of four divisions of numbers, separated by periods. Though the “1” in an IP address may sometimes be stylised as an “I”, an IP will always be made up of pure digits, with no letters involved. is a private IP address, falling between the private IP range of through Since is a private address, this means people outside of your network cannot connect to it and therefore cannot see your device’s information.

 It can be used for multiple private networks, because those networks will not be communicating with each other. Therefore, your router can use this IP address for your network, and your neighbour’s separate router can use the same address, with no problems.

If your router uses the IP address of, it will assign addresses of,, and so forth, to the devices which are connected to it. Each new device which is connected to the router will receive an address where the fourth segment’s number rises by one digit, following on from the most recent connected device. is also referred to as a default gateway. A gateway is simply another word for a router. This means that routers using this IP address will use this identification to send and receive information packets from the Internet.

Usually, you won’t need to know or remember any of this. Knowing and using the IP address of your browser should only be necessary if you want to make some changes to your router’s settings, or if your device can’t automatically connect to a router for some reason.

If this is the case, you can type in  into your Internet browser in order to access your router’s administrator panel. From there, you can log in to the panel, and change your browser’s configuration settings.

Through your router’s control panel, you can change your network’s firewall settings, change the DNS (domain name settings) your router uses, set up parental controls to restrict access to certain websites, and more.

You can also change your router’s IP address through the administrator panel, if you are unhappy with the security it provides. is a common IP address which is used as a default IP by many hardware manufacturers. Along with, it is one of the most frequently used private IP addresses.

The hardware manufacturers SMC and Belkin use this code as the default gateway for their routers. You can find out if your router uses this IP by checking the bottom of your router, or by reading your router’s user manual.

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  1. 192.168.o.1.1
  2. 192.168.l.2
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