is An Invalid IP Address

Various brands of routers come with different router logins associated with the IP Address., is an invalid IP address that has been an issue to most users when they are trying to access the control panel. The main IP address to access the console window of most routers is Other router brands would use as the primary IP. This means that the router manufacturers used or to set the IP for your router and not The details of your router IP can always be accessed for free on the page of official IP providers. Login

Since the IP is not a valid address, you will use to gain access to the admin menu. Open any web browser, type the link in the URL text field and then hit the “enter” button. It should direct you to the login page that requires your credentials to gain access to the control panel.

Are you having issues with logging in?

Most users always make assumptions when entering their IP addresses. First, is the valid address that you need to use on the URL address bar. If you still have a few issues when using this IP as the correct address, check your internet connection. Another mistake is that other individuals would use letters instead of digits to designate the IP address. When logging in, confirm that your IP address is not written as, 1o.o.o.o.1 or 1o.o.o.1. The right way to access the admin menu is by using IP address.

Changing the password of your router

Although most router companies would indicate your IP address as in the label, remember that main IP is If you are logging into your router for the first time, you will use the default login credentials provided by your service provider. The most common username and password for various routers are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ respectively without quotations.

You will first enter the link in the address bar of your web browser. Once you click on the “Enter” button, it will open a new login window. Enter your username and password that was given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The username and password are always case sensitive and thus you should always be careful when typing. Once the login is successful, you can alter any settings in the router console to suit your preferences.

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