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What is Default Gateway?

The is an IP address is referred to as default gateway in the computer network system. Therefore this just means that the intellectual property address can be typically used as a default internet protocol for some of the network routers.

Usually, default gateway is always utilized for the Comcast branded wireless gateway plans syndicate Wi-Fi networking with the standard cable formed internet modem.

About Default Gateway

The IP address being a default network means that the devices in the network would not be assigned it as a local IP address. Typically, there is an actual variation which replaces the fourth number in any network device. If a computer is connected to such a network router, probably it will be assigned as particular range of IP address to be assigned will be changed in the router setting. The router’s default gateway can be used effectively to access the official setting page of the router.

From this page location, is where the users can be able to quickly make the changes in the wireless networking information of the router. Such changes include; changing DHCP assigned IP range, set extra security modes, updating firmware among many other basic and advanced settings in the network that were made existing by the manufacturer of the router.

In the web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, Users have to type http:/10.0.01, and the router will prompt the log in the admin account. It is being given with full of relevant information and different setting to your default gateway, but the information may vary from router to router, so you need to check for additional information in the router documentation carefully.

Information about the Router

Though not commonly recommended, some of the routers can as well support the ability to change default gateway, therefore to change your default gateway IP address of the router, an individual decision must be left to the networking specialist who is an expert in the field and can handle it in a healthy manner. This is done to avoid some associated risks such as the router reverting to its original IP address or even the router devices losing internet connection and network.

How to setup and configuration process of the IP Address

The default Gateway is an A class IP address that always reserved for a private network, and it is exceptional in the whole internet according network of the said region. This is the outstanding qualities that make the IP address the most convenient when setting up your system, for instance, company’s home-grown web system or even that of school.

The Setup Process

Many routers uses the IP address for their IP management; it makes it easy to configure certain features found in the router and their options and also set up the router’s proxy, DHCP client, DNS, MAC address, wireless function among others.

The first process is to click on to the system browser, then on the address bar, you key in http:/, then hit enter, this will create a management console, where you will be required to type the log in credentials “username and password” which are always marked at the opposite side of the router.

The second step is viewing the displayed pages and menus to identify parts of networks. This network setup can be done using many different methods that may suit that user, but the most common ones are always dial-up or the DSL. Enter the Log in details of the administrator from the setup providing network, such as DNS that are always provided by the Google in the form of “ and”

The third and the last step is the setting of wireless functions, this do not exist in all parts but if appears then you are always required to select WPE or WPA for the safety of the router.

Note: In case one doesn’t have the password or username or you may have forgotten, then you should look carefully at the at all flanks existing in the router, in case non-exists, then you should search in Google or consult the manual book, usually “user” or “admin” among others.

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