The best method of using the internet is by having a stable Wi-Fi. Many users can share the internet connection at the same time which makes routers effective networking devices.

It is important to determine the performance of the routers before making the purchasing decision. Most of the TP-link routers use as the default IP address. It is used to access the administrative panel of a router by directing you to a prompt window requiring your login credentials. To log in to your router’s interface, you will need the default IP address, username and password.

Logging in to my router using IP address

The first procedure is to open any web browser and type the link in the URL text field then click the ‘Enter’ button.

A new window will appear requiring you to enter the default username and password for your router. The login credentials are usually stored on the labels behind your router. You can also contact your ISP or check the manufacturer’s website to determine your default passphrase.

Confirm that you have entered the credentials correctly before hitting the ‘Login’ button. You will be directed to the homepage of your router where you can configure various settings. Here, you can change the default username and password. The next time you login to your router, you will use the new passphrase to access the user interface.

About the IP address

It is not usually recommended to change the IP address. The default internet protocol address is used for many purposes. It is also important for you to know the circumstances under which this default IP can be altered. is a default IP address and falls in the Class C. If you want to change the IP address, then you need to follow the IP address class to ensure that it matches the recommended settings.

192.168 is the introductory part which indicates that this IP address is from Class C. You can only change the second part but not the one introducing the class of the IP address.You have to use any numbers ranging from 0 to 255 to replace any of the digits in the last two partitions. When changing the numbers, ensure that it falls within the specified category. If you want to change the IP address, then you will use the numbers and only three dots. In case you experience problems with your new IP address then the problem might be arising from your PC. Check the firewall settings and any other configurations associated with the IP addresses.

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