The is a private IP address that falls in Class B. It is used by several networking devices such as routers, webcams, and modems to gain access to the user interface.

It is also referred to as the second IP address that is categorized in the range of to Most of the Netgear and D-Link wireless routers utilize the IP addresses that fall within this range. It is a private IP address which means that it can only be accessed from within private networks and not the external internet or systems. Unlike the public IP addresses, the do not require to be unique. IP address is accessible in the private networks since most of the wireless routers utilize their default IP addresses as 192.168.01. The Belkin routers are a good example of networking devices that use their default address as 192.168.01. It operates by assigning the following IP addresses that are available to the networking devices located on the network.

For example, if you connect a laptop to your home network as the first device, higher the chances are that it will be granted as its IP address. The next device continues the trend and is given a higher IP address. For example, if your tablet is the second device, it will be assigned the IP address.

There is a high likelihood despite the fact that it may not be guaranteed. The process by which a router automatically assigns IP addresses is typically referred to as ‘dynamic assignment’ which is carried out through the DHCP protocol.

Logging in to your router using the IP address

There are several actions you can perform once you gain access to your router’s interface. The first procedure is to open any web browser and type in the link in the URL text field. Click the ‘Enter’ button to proceed to the next step.

A new window will appear requesting you to enter your username and password. You can always check your user manual or the manufacturer’s website to get your default credentials.

After you have entered the passphrase correctly, click on the ‘Login’ button.

It will open a new window, giving you access to the home screen of your wireless router. Here, you can alter multiple settings to match your specifications or preferences.

If you decide to change your router’s password, it is important to write it somewhere to help you remember in future. If you have forgotten the new password, the primary option is to perform a hard reset which restores the default settings of your router. You will then be required to log in to your router’s interface using the default username and password.

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