One of the fundamental procedures of configuring the local network is by allocating the addresses. IP address is used within the private networks. It can also be used to log in to the administrative panel of various home broadband routers. Some of the router models that use this IP address include the Actiontec, Aztech, Netgear, Netcommand Draytek.

Logging in to your router using the IP address

The first procedure is to open any web browser and type the link in the URL text field then hit the ‘Enter’ button.  If you find it difficult to manually enter the IP address, copy and paste it directly in the address bar.

A new prompt window will appear requesting your login credentials. Enter the default username and password before clicking the ‘Log in’ button.

If the login process is successful, you will be directed to your router’s home page. There are a variety of actions you can change in your router’s administrative panel including the security and network settings.

Troubleshooting the IP address

You can experience some slight problems with your IP address at some point. The first thing you need to do is to attempt pinging the router using the ping test. If you cannot go past the login screen, there are few factors you need to consider.

Check to ensure that you are entering the correct IP address. If you are not sure about your IP address, the command prompt will help you determine the default gateway. You can also contact your internet service provider or check the user manual for a detailed guide.

The is meant for use within the private networks. It is not always recommended to change the IP address of your router unless it is done by trained professionals. Your router’s IP address is important as it is used to initiate the login process to the administrative panel.

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