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What is IP Address? Is a private IP address that is a default for certain of home brand routers typically sold outside the United States?

Also, it is frequently assigned to individual devices in the home networks when a router has an IP address of a private IP address, does not need to be unique in the across the entire network but only confined within its local network.

How IP address works

According to the Internet Assigned Numbers of Authority, which is a world IP Address management firm, states that individual private IP address has no outstanding significance, as it was only designated as “private” by the organization. Therefore only private networks can use the IP address and accessing it in the web system is not possible, unless it is from devices found on the reserved network itself.

That is the reason behind the ease of the operation by the routers or modems using similar existing common reserved IP address. Note that, when there is a need for accessing an internet router, one will be required to use the router’s IP address that is publicly accessible. IANA reserves a range of IP addresses that are to be employed in the private networks, they range from 10.0.x.x, to 192.168.x.x, with others rarely used of 172.16.x.x

How to connect to Router by IP address

In a case where the router uses IP address in a home-grown system, one can sign into is organizational console by keying in its default address into URL web bar. That is

 Therefore, the login credentials of the administrator is prompted by the router. Generally, there is always a default configuration of the log in details to all routers by the manufacturers, with the most commonly used username being “admin” “1234” or “none” carried along with “user.” The combination of the default username and password are always positioned at the router lower end.

Accessing the router administrative console is not always a necessary thing to do unless you are experiencing a connection problem, which makes it useful.

Why IP address is commonly used

Manufacturers are always required to use the IP address that belongs to a given isolated range in routers and points of access. In the earlier days, manufacturers of the router referred to as Mainstream broadband like Netgear and Linskys first used the default address of 192.168.1.x. Even though the private technical range begins, several users always assume the number sequence to start from one and not from zero. This made address a reasonable choice in starting a local home network range.

Immediately the router assigned this first address; it automatically assigned to each of its network devices with different addresses. With the famous IP address becoming the most initial assignment.

How devices are assigned by the address

Several networks allocate private IP address using DHCP dynamically, which makes the device IP address to be easily changed or reassigned to a device of a different type. In an attempt to manually allocate this address, “through fixed or static assignment,” however possible it is, the result may be connection issues when the configuration is not done accordingly.

The following basics are worth noting in assignment of the IP.

Any local router using DHCP is always constituted by a certain level of reserved addresses that it can assign to clients

Home routers, with a local IP address of, has an existing set of client’s addresses reading between the lowest range of to the highest range of Several routers assigned there addresses using the beginning range; this makes it rare for you to see your network IP address at a higher range.

During the automatic assigning of the intellectual property address, the router will jot check id there was a previous manual assignment that was carried out, this may result in conflict of the IP addresses on the local network.

The conflict between the IP addresses always disrupts the communication network of overall net system.

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