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What is IP Address is a C class IP address. Manufacturers of the router always use the as a specific IP Address in setting their device’s hardware. This IP address renders the access of a user into the internal setting of the modem or router.

Just like the common address, the IP address is mostly applied in most systems and small-scale businesses. This is because according to router classification, it officially belongs to the class C IP; this is in reference to IANA RFC 1918 rating. As a unique IP address is always assigned by the ISP to the device used in the internet connection. In the process where internet connection is required in more than a single device, then NAT (Network Address Translation) is employed in the web connection.

How to find router IP

When accessing your router, you can always see if your router is IP address by the following listed manuals;

>Find router IP address in windows

When using MS Windows, go to the start button and click on the type in the search box “cmd.”This will then open a command window MSDOS, type “\yourpath>ipconfig” on the windows. IP of the router could be found in the line after “default gateway.” In line with this, you can also find the IP of your computer in the line after “IPv4 Address” and after that find a subnet mask in the line after “subnet mask.”

>Get IP Address in an iPhone or Ipad

Unlock your iPhone or IPad and click on the home button, tap on the setting and turn on your wifi. Tap on the active Wi-Fi connection which is always a line with a blue mark. Thereafter look for a line with “router” in it, this is where we find the IP address, but it can also be found in the device IP address range, DNS or subnet.

>Find IP address on Android

This can be done using many free apps that can allow us to do it; the most commonly used is the Wi-Fi_ analyzer.

Once installed, open the app, and all the AP available will be shown, channels and its signal transmission power, after which you will be required to type IP address ids your favorite website browser. As illustrated in the figure below.


>Find IP address on Linux

Launch a command window and type “route” command

You can see your router IP address in Gateway column. Alternatively, one can use “netstat” command.

>Router IP on Mac OS

In the Mac OS terminal, using the Launchpad, type terminal in the search bar. This can also be done using finder in the utility folder. In the terminal window type “netstat -nr | grep default,” look then for your IP address after “default” as in the screen below.


In a case where your router IP address do not match 192.168.l.254, then a corresponding default Manual of the router is referred for the default login credentials, with the commonly used being admin/ or admin/admin.

This 192.168.l.254 IP address is mostly used in the by modem routers such as 2wire routers, TP-link routers, Alcatel ADSL modems, Linksys switches, ADSL billion routers, SRW2023, Thompson ADSL routers,3com routers among others.

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