D3dx9_38.dll is a product of the Microsoft DirectX for Windows that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is described in the Direct3D 9 Extensions and useful when running various applications.

It comes in several versions that are compatible with computers running on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system. Some include 32-bit 9.27.952.3001 and 64-bit 9.27.952.3001 which are all Direct3D 9 Extensions. You are likely to experience dll errors when launching a game or random applications. The program first scans the entire folders in your system and when the matching dll. File is not found, it responds by popping out an error message on your screen.

What causes the D3dx9_38.dll errors?

The D3dx9_38.dll errors are often caused by issues resulting from Microsoft DirectX. The dll file may also be corrupted or deleted unexpectedly and thus displaced from its rightful folder.DirectX is used by most advanced graphics programs and Windows based games. If this dll file is missing from your computer, the corresponding program will not run efficiently and you also receive an error message indicating the root of the problem.

This problem is applicable to any program that utilizes Microsoft DirectX. The error messages are likely to appear when launching various Windows games. It is important to understand the cause of the problem to determine how to fix it.

Some of the ways in which the error messages may appear include;

  • “D3dx9_38.dll is missing”
  • “The file D3dx9_38.dll is missing”
  • “File D3dx9_38.dll not found”
  • “D3dx9_38.dll not found, Reinstalling the program might help fix this problem.”

How can I fix the D3dx9_38.dll errors?

Install the latest Microsoft DirectX version

You are likely to fix the error messages by upgrading to the latest DirectX version. The updates by Microsoft are usually released without updating the version letter or number.

Reinstalling the problematic software

The program might have experience slight issues after the first installation and thus reinstalling it can help fix the problem. It also refresh all the program’s files or folders for it to operate normally.

Update your video card drivers

You can correct the issues related to DirectX by updating your video card drivers to the latest version. Although it is not a common solution, it is one of the ways of fixing the DirectX related issues.

Check your recycle bin

Chances are that you might have deleted the D3dx9_38.dll file accidentally and it was moved to the unnecessary files. Scan the Recycle bin for the missing file and click restore to replace the D3dx9_38.dll to its rightful destination.

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