The msvcp71.dll is a part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net that was developed by Microsoft Corporation.

It is in the description of Microsoft C++ Runtime Library. It is an essential component in running of various applications or programs in your computer. In case this dll file is missing, you will receive error messages which indicate the reason why the program launch was not successful. There are several versions of msvcp71.dll that are available for the 32-bit Windows Operating system. They are all a description of the Microsoft C++ Runtime Library and are effective in supporting various programs.

The msvcp71.dll error messages appear in different ways such as;

  • “Msvcp71.dll is missing”
  • “The program can’t start because msvcp71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot register msvcp71.dll.”
  • “Msvcp71.dll error loading”
  • “Msvcp71.dll could not be located”

What causes the msvcp71.dll errors?

You may experience this dll error as a result of issues related to your Windows registry.

The corresponding software may not work because the file has been removed or is corrupted. This makes it difficult for the program to run efficiently because it cannot locate the actual msvcp71.dll file. In other situations, the problem may be related to video card drivers or hardware problems.

How can I fix the msvcp71.dll error?

There are ways in which you can fix this error to allow the particular program to run effectively. Some of these steps include;

Restore from recycle bin

Chances are that the dll file was deleted accidentally and moved to the Recycle bin. Check for the file using the search engine, right-click and select restore. It will return the msvcp71.dll to its rightful folder allowing the program to locate the file.

Run a comprehensive malware/ virus scan

Perform a full scan to determine potential threats that may have corrupted the file and other folders in your system.

Use System Restore

You can restore your computer at an earlier point in time using the System Restore. The error messages may be resulting from the recent changes that were incorporated in your computer.

Update your video card drivers

Although it is in rare cases, updating your video card drivers may help fix the problem.

Install Windows Update

You can also install any available Windows Update since the missing file can be replaced during the upgrade.

Download the msvcp71.dll file

It is not recommended to download the msvcp71.dll from any site but from a reputable developer such as Microsoft. It is one of the options of replacing the missing file if all the troubleshooting steps were unsuccessful. The file may be missing completely from your system.

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