The d3dx9_42.dll is a part of Microsoft DirectX for Windows, a program that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation.

The latest version of d3dx9_42.dll that was produced for Windows Vista is 9.23.949.2378. The d3dx9_42.dll is a file of the Dynamic Link Library that allow sharing of a similar functionality of multiple software programs. There are several versions of d3dx9_42.dll available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating System.

Are you experiencing d3dx9_42.dll errors? There are several ways in which the d3dx9_42.dll errors may appear on your screen.

  • “D3dx9_42.dll is missing”
  • “The file d3dx9_42.dll was not found”
  • “Cannot find d3dx9_42.dll.”
  • “The program can’t start because d3dx9_42.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
  • “D3dx9_42.dll error loading”

These errors often appear when launching various programs in your computer. The application first scans all the system folders and if the d3dx9_42.dll is not located, it will give you a notification why the program could not run efficiently.

What causes the d3dx9_42.dll errors?

Most of the errors related to d3dx9_42.dll often occur when starting a program, using a particular function or when starting your computer. The reason why you receive the error messages is because the d3dx9_42.dll is corrupted or missing from your computer. It presents undesirable outcome the fact that it is an external file. A virus infection or shutting down your PC improperly could lead to the d3dx9_42.dll errors.

How can I fix the d3dx9_42.dll errors?

Register the d3dx9_42.dll manually

There are situations where your Dll file provides the error notifications because it was not registered properly when installing the corresponding software. The Microsoft Register Server is a built-in utility that can be used to register your d3dx9_42.dll file.

Check your Recycle Bin

Although it looks like an obvious step, there are possibilities that the file was deleted accidentally and thus moved to the Recycle Bin. It is worth checking if the d3dx9_42.dll is available in the Recycle bin and restore it to the rightful destination.

Conduct a comprehensive Virus/ malware scan

The d3dx9_42.dll error may be associated with a malware infection on your computer and can is likely to corrupt, damage or even delete the DLL related packages. The error may also be as a result of the malicious program itself masquerading as a d3dx9_42.dll missing file.

Update your Device Drivers

You may be experiencing the issues as a result of the outdated or corrupted video card drivers. It is difficult to find the exact driver associated with your d3dx9_42.dll related hardware device. The problem can be made worse by installing an incompatible version of the right driver or a wrong driver. You can use the DriverDoc which is a driver update tool that was developed by Microsoft Gold Partner. It will be useful in automating this process reducing the complexity and time involved in updating drivers.

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