Data Validation in MS Excel

Data Validation in MS Excel

Data validation is used to verify the type, format, and content of data that is acceptable in a specific cell. If any data that is not allowed, data validation will launch an alert. Data validation can be configured to prevent users from entering invalid. You can allow the invalid data entry with warning alert. You can also set messages to define what input is expect in a particular cell.

Let’s understand this with the help of a step by step example.


Let’s assume that Cell A1 can contain only whole number values ranging from 1 to 5. Entry of any value below or above this range or is not numeric, should raise an alert.

1. Select cell A1
2. Select Data Tab on Ribbon
3. Under Data Tools group, click on Data Validation

  Data Validation

4. Data Validation window will open

Data Validation

5. Select the “Settings” tab,

Click on “Allow” Combo box and select Whole Numbers.

Enter 1 in the “Minimum” textbox

Enter 5 in the “Maximum” textbox


6. Select the Input Message tab

Click on the “Show input message when cell is selected” check box

Type the desired title under “Title” textbox

Type desired message under “Input message”

check box

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