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Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel (a.k.a MS Excel or Excel) is a spreadsheet application software developed by Microsoft and is a proud part of Microsoft Office Suite.

This product is widely used all across the globe for its flexibility and high support for mathematical, statistical and financial calculations. Professionals, around the world, highly recommend and use this product for their calculation-centric tasks.

View of MS Excel Application

MS Excel has taken over Lotus 1-2-3 which, in DOS times, was an ultimate spreadsheet tool and an industry standard. However, this all changed and MS Excel became the industry standard for spreadsheet software. Its high quality support for complex calculations, macro based programming, and smart elements, has distinct MS Excel in the line of spreadsheet applications.

Features of Microsoft Excel

Basic Operations

MS Excel has all the basic functions and features required for a spreadsheet software. It has a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns (where rows are numbered 1,2,3,… and columns are labeled with letters A,B,C,…) to manage data inputs and perform various functions and formulas to produce or acquire desired information in a desired manner.

Cell, Column and Row view on MS Excel Sheet

Data Charts

MS Excel has a rich library for Data Chart. It supports almost all of the industry recognized data chart formats that includes Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Pivot Charts etc. MS Excel provides the flexibility to customize all the charts in terms of their color, labels, types etc. so that the user can produce the desired look.

3D Bar Chart view

Support for Macros

MS Excel is quite renowned for its support for Macros based solutions. Although Macros are supported in all products of MS Office suite however, this feature is quite extensively used in MS Excel.

VBA view of MS Excel

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