Print Gridlines in an Excel Worksheet

Print in Excel: Print Gridlines in a Excel Worksheet

In this tutorial, you are going to learn about how to setup your Excel sheet for printing. You will learn how to set margins, setting the printing preferences, selecting the printer and so on.

Print a Worksheet

To print a worksheet in MS Excel, follow the following steps.

1. On the File tab, click Print or press Ctrl + P (keyboard shortcut).
2. You may also preview the other pages that will be printed by clicking ‘Next Page’ or ‘Previous Page’ at the bottom of the print dialog window.

Previous Page
3. To print the worksheet, click the Print button.


Custom Print

MS Excel provides you the flexibility to select your own printing preferences. Therefore, instead of printing the entire worksheet, you can also print the select range. To do this, follow the following steps.

1. Select the range of cells you want to print
2. Press Ctrl + P or use File Menu, to open Printer Options
3. Under Settings section, select Print Selection

Print Selection
4. Press the Print button. 


Multiple Copies

MS Excel provides you to print multiple copies at a time. To print multiple copies, follow the following steps.

1. In Print Options, set the Copies value to your desired number.
2. If your sheet contains multiple pages, then you can also select between Collated and Uncollated. In collated mode, each copy will be printed in full and then the next copy will start printing whereas in uncollated mode, printing will take place page-wise, means, all copies of page 1 will print first then page 2 and so on.

all copies


You can also select your desired orientation of your sheet. For example, if you have a sheet comprising of 10 columns and 10 rows. Now the column width of 10 columns will not fit on Portrait mode therefore you will need to set the orientation to Landscape mode.

Similarly if you have more data row-wise and less data column-wise, then the ideal mode would be Portrait mode.

Desired orientation mode can be selected from the print options.

Desired orientation

Page Margins

You can also set the pre-defined page margins that are fit for your purpose. To select a Page Margins in Print Options, follow the following steps:

1. Under the Print Options, select your desired margins (Normal, Wide or Narrow) from the Margins list.
2. You may also set the margins by clicking ‘Show Margins’ icon at the bottom right of the window and can drag the margin lines to manually set the page margins.

Show Margins


MS Excel also provides the flexibility to adjust the scaling of contents according to the selected sheet. From setting all columns to one sheet to setting all rows to one sheet and even setting both rows and columns on a single sheet.

1. To set all contents on single sheet, select ‘Fit Sheet on One Page’ from the Scaling list.

Fit Sheet on One Page

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