Binary Translator

Binary Translator

Looking to translate binary? It’s a long and complex process at the best of times, unless you have a suitable tool for the job, such as our very own binary translator!

This handy tool does all the hard for you, translating binary to text and text to binary, saving plenty of time and effort making the translation yourself. Best of all, the tool is completely free to use!

Binary: 2
Decimal: 10
Hexadecimal: 16
Octal: 8
ASCII / Unicode text:

What is a Binary Translator?

All digital systems require binary to operate, with computers communicating via binary digits of 0 and 1, so every word featured on a computer and online is translated into the binary system.

Given that just a single letter translates to up to eight binary digits, knowing an entire sequence of characters off the top of your head is almost impossible. Even those with a good memory for these characters likely required countless hours of experience, and that doesn’t guarantee avoiding misinterpretations that lead to incorrect translations.

This is where a binary translator comes into play. Rather than manually translating text to binary and vice versa, a binary translator does it digitally, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to make binary translation. Computer programs are far more efficient at making binary translations, capable of translating into various formats to huge numbers and decimal places.

An online binary translator such as this not only translates binary in an instant, it does so without the need for installing any software. This makes it very convenient, allowing users to translate binary as and when they need it.

How to use the Binary Translator

The binary translator tool couldn’t be easier to use. Rather than forcing you to manually translate binary to text or vice versa, you simply enter the relative data into the fields to have them translated as needed.

So, if you need to convert any text or characters into a binary code, simple copy the relative data into the field and select the translation button. You will be provided with a complete translation into binary in a matter of seconds, which you can then use as needed.

All units translated into binary come with the highest accuracy, offering a big advance over manual translation, which often features incorrect values to misinterpretations - there is no human error with our binary translator tool.

With this, you can start to convert text into binary and convert various types of binary into text. Each format provides quick results that are simple to understand for every user.

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