Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

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What is a Final Grade Calculator?

A final grade calculator is a simple but effective tool used to calculate the final grade at various academic levels. Students input the required data regarding their current grades and use it to calculate what their final grade is going to be.

Because class grades are usually based on various categories (e.g. homework, assignments, tests, final exams) each one contributes to an overall percentage of the final grade, which is referred to as the weight.

So, by using the information on how you performed in each class, you can use this tool to calculate what your final grade will be.

It’s great for people who’ve already sat their finals and want to know what their grade will be, while those that have yet to sit their final exam can use the grade calculator to know what mark they need in their finals to increase their final grade.

How Does the Final Grade Calculator Work?

The final grade calculator couldn’t be simpler to use. Students need just some basic information about their current grades for each class. This includes their current grade, required or desired grade, and the final weight each one has on their final.

So, you’ll need to do this for each individual class. Each grade is required as a percentage, which should be entered in the designated form.

This is followed by the desired/required grade in the subsequent form, which also needs to be entered as a percentage.

Finally, enter the overall percentage the final weight has on the final grade.

For example, say you want to determine your final grade in history. Your current grade is C- when accounting for homework, assignments, and class exams, which each make up a percentage of the final weight, while the final exam is worth 50% of the overall grade.

You need (or want) to get at least a B- in the class, which means your required grade is 80%, so you can use the calculator to work out what you need in your final exam to get the B-.

Using this example, you enter the C- for your current grade (which is 70%) followed by the required grade of a B- (which is 80%). Your final exam makes up 50%, so add this into the appropriate field.

Using the formula of the final grade calculator, you need to get a 90% mark, meaning you’d need to get an A- in the final exam to get a final grade of a B-.

This calculator can be used to determine final grades for any type of course!

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