Character Counter Tool

Character Counter Tool

With countless websites and applications featuring strict character limitations, knowing how many characters you’ve written has never been more common than today. So, if you need to know the exact number of characters in anything you’ve written, be sure to try out this feel character counter tool!

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What is a Character Counter Tool?

Character counts are commonplace on various social media websites and mobile applications, and even sending a text message comes with a restriction on characters. This means users need a more considered approach to writing things online.

If you use Facebook, there are various character limits that restrict how much you can write. For instance, did you know that Facebook’s private messenger comes with a 20,000-character limit?

Similarly, if you want to write a post on your Facebook page, then you need to do so in 63,206 characters. Thankfully, that’s a fair amount of characters to work with, so you’ll probably never need to check this!

However, there are various websites where strict character limits are very important. Twitter is a good example of this, being famous for having a rather restrictive 140-character limit until it was doubled to 280-characters.

If you want to sell goods on eBay, did you know that the title must be 80 characters or less? Snapchat is a very popular mobile appbut comes with one of the lowest character counts around at just 80, making your wording very important to get the message across.

There are countless other examples across the internet where character limits are imposed. Because of this, more people want to check their character counts, which is where a character counter tool comes into play.

A character counter tool quickly calculates the number of letters in any piece of writing. It could be a small snippet for social media or long-from writing for a blog post - the tool counts characters regardless of the number of words.

How to Use the Character Counter Tool

The character counter cool could not be easier to use. Simply copy and paste the desired writing into the empty field and hit the button to count the characters.

If you don’t have anything written yet you can also type directly into the empty field and then copy it into the desired location - it’s great for making sure all your writing meets character counts!

Also, it’s worth mentioning what constitutes a character. Letters are not the only thing considered a character in a piece of writing online.

For example, all letters in a piece of writing are counted as characters, but so are spaces and punctuation. Line breaks are also considered characters, so if you make a single line break in your writing it counts towards two characters.

So, combing all these different characters makes it a little clearer why some people don’t realise why their character counts are too high. To avoid any confusion in the future, simply copy or write your content into the space and check to see the exact number of character.

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