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Word Counter Tool

If you don’t use Microsoft Word or similar programs, knowing the word count of your writing is quite difficult. Manually counting these words would take far too long and doesn’t guarantee miscounting, which is why you need to use a word counter tool such as this!

It’s 100% free and works in all major web browsers, giving you a quick and easy way to count the words of any essay, article, email, or social media post.

Count: Words, Characters, Sentences & Paragraphs

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What is a Word Counter Tool?

As the name suggests a word counter tool is an online software use to accurately count words and characters present in a document or body of writing. While word processors are commonly used for writing online, not everyone uses these tools, but many still need to know the word counts of their writing.

A word counter tool offers this service, allowing users to monitor their word counts so they know how many words are included, how many they may need to delete, how much needs added etc. It’s a simple yet effective tool!

For instance, if you like using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are character limits in place that restrict how much you can write. Using a word counter, you can establish the number of characters in any body of text and use it to adjust them accordingly.

In fact, there are many professions where word counts are important. For example, teachers marking essays and homework can identify exact word counts with this tool, while translators, freelance writers, and authors all need to know exact word counts for their work.

Word counters are also very useful for researching grammar, creating database, working on typing speed, and honing your writing skills to be more concise with your word counts.

Using word counters to develop writing skills is easy to do as well. You simply need to check the word count to see how much you need to reduce, and then start looking at phrases to see what is replaceable with a single word or shorter phrases.

It’s an invaluable resource for many professions, so if you ever need to establish the word count for a piece of writing, look no further than this amazing tool!

How to Use the Word Count Tool

Using the word count tool couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is copy and past the relative text into the empty field and the words will be counted. If you don’t have anything written yet then you can easily type into the word counter.

It’s an instant counter so as soon as you place something in the empty space it will read the word count and any time you add or remove words the counter is updated.

Once you know your word count you can start to edit to hit your targets!

It works on any device you need and is compatible with all major web browsers. Furthermore, the word counter tool displays additional information about your writing, including:

  • Character Count
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs
  • Spelling Errors
  • Keyword Density

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