Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism Checker Tool

A plagiarism checker is an intuitive software used to detect plagiarism in a document or essay. Completely free to use, the tool allows students, web designers, and copy writers to determine whether writing content is 100% original and has not been copied from another source.

Plagiarism is very serious, whether in an academic or marketing situation, as stealing someone else’s content and ideas and then claiming it as your own leads to severe consequences.

Students caught plagiarising could face failure and expulsion, while writers, website owners, and other businesses using stolen content lose all credibility. Websites using plagiarised content will also find their SEO rankings are penalised too.

What is a Plagiarism Checker Tool?

As the name suggests, a plagiarism checker tool used to check whether written content is plagiarised. This tool couldn’t be easier to use, simply copy any content that needs to be checked for plagiarism and the tool gets to work, taking a few moments to determine whether any plagiarism is detected in the content.

Because of the increased use of computers, plagiarism has never been more widespread. Countless websites, blogs, and articles are plagiarised online without many people noticing, allowing the people that use the content to benefit from other peoples work.

This is often down unintentionally as well. For example, many web developers outsource written content to freelance writers, some of which are more than willing to copy from other sites and pass it as their own. Should this be used on the site, the owner’s reputation will take a hit while SEO rankings can be penalised, making it hard to find them in the first place.

Plagiarism checker tools such as this prevent these problems from occurring. By scanning content with the checker, you can avoid embarrassing situations where you unintentionally use another person’s work.

How Does a Plagiarism Checker Work Tool Work?

The plagiarism checker tool couldn’t be easier to use. Whenever you wish to check written copy for signs of plagiarism you simply copy and paste the text into the white box or upload the document directly for scanning.

Text scanned for plagiarism are processed against a database to detect whether any of the content matches. This could be a few phrases or sentences or the entire content depending on the level of plagiarism used - people copying content often make small changes to deceive checker tools.

Think of the tool as similar to a search engine. You search for specific content and are given specific results. With this tool, you are checking specifically for phrases and words that match other content already present online. Any similarities are flagged, letting you now if anything has been copied and to what extent.

The tool also comes with a range of other handy features that you may find useful. For example, you can upload entire documents or specific sections of text, while you can also exclude any URL from being scanned - this is handy for avoiding scans against your current content.

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