IP address works on private networks and falls in the range of reserved IP addresses. It is an internal IP address that can be used to access the console panel of individual routers or other networking devices. It may seem different from other IP addresses but does not have a huge difference compared to other private addresses.

Using the IP address to access a router’s interface

Your IP address is the essential element that can be used to gain access to the administrative panel of your networking device. Most of the routers can be configured to operate on a different IP address from the default settings. You can locate your router’s IP address on the manufacturer’s website or by use of ‘Router IP addresses.’ It is a free software that is useful in detecting your IP address.

Since you already know your IP address, open any web browser and paste the link in the URL text field. Confirm that if it is the right IP address for your router before clicking on the ‘Enter’ button.

A new window will appear which prompts you to enter your default username and password. If you had previously changed the security settings, use your new login credentials to access the user interface.

If the login process is successful, it will direct you to a new window which gives you access to your router’s home screen. You can alter several configurations in the administrative panel such as the network or security settings according to your specifications.

You can also change the password of your router but remember to store it in a safe place should you forget it in future. The next time you log in to your router, use the new password you created.


It is usual to experience a few problems while using your router. Sometimes you may find it difficult to go past the initial login process. The likely problem may be that you have a poor connection or have entered your IP address in the wrong format. The common mistake made by most users is entering their IP address as 192.168.I.254.254 instead of

You may fail to access the console window of your networking device because of a forgotten password. If you had not changed any security settings, then you can quickly obtain the default password from the website or contact your supplier. If the password had been altered previously, you need to perform a hard reset which restores the factory settings of your router. Logging in to your router will require you to use the default username and password to gain access to the administrative panel.

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