ADT login

ADT login

ADT is one of the leading companies providing security to residential systems in the USA. You can protect your family using a home alarm system from the ADT security.

It is one of the best IP camera systems that delivers a high performance and round-the-clock monitoring. With the advancement in technology, the ADT IP cameras provide extra benefits replacing the old methods of providing security to most homes.

The fact that networking devices are prone to hacking, it is important to provide a unique username and password to your ADT cameras. It is useful in preventing unauthorized users from manipulating the feed acquired by the IP cameras. There are several brands of the ADT cameras that are effective in providing the best surveillance performance. There are many actions you can perform with your ADT IP camera. You can watch the video of the activities around your home with a computer or a smartphone.The camera can also be synced to motion the detectors, automatically receive triggered clips and also store videos of triggered events.

Logging in to your ADT IP camera

You can configure the settings of your ADT camera according to your specifications or preferences.

The camera uses MyADT app to monitor and make adjustments on the settings inducing a better performance of the camera. You have to create an account in ‘MyADT’before you can access your camera’s settings. You will use your email and new password to log in to your account.

Resetting MyADT password

The first procedure is to visit MyADT Account login and select ‘forgot your password?’ below the login interface of the home page. Proceed to selecting ‘Email’ to send a password reset to your email address. You will then enter the address used the time you were registering at then click ‘Verify’. You will receive a link to your email having instructions on how you can reset your password. You will be required to setup a new MyADT Security Question.

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