Apple Router Login

Apple Router Login

The Apple routers are popular for their effectiveness in providing the best networking performance. The Apple Airport Extreme is one of the router models that are widely used by most people.

They run on OS X version which is compatible with the latest networking devices. The Apple routers come with the default settings which can always be altered to suit your needs. You also need to locate the IP address of your router as it is useful when you want to access the administrative panel.

Locating the Apple Router IP address

The first procedure of finding your IP address in Apple OS X is by launching the system preferences from the Dock. Once the new window appears, open the column with the Internet $ Wireless and click on the ‘Network’ icon. Proceed to the next step where you will choose the network interface used by your Mac. For example, choosing the Ethernet option displays the IP address of your router.

You can also click on the advanced options where you can find the IP address of the router indicated in under TCP/IP. There are also additional information that may be useful according to your needs.

Logging in to the Apple router

This router model comes with the factory settings such as the default username and password that are used to log into the user interface. Since you have the IP address, open any web browser and type in the link in the URL text field.

It will open a new window where you can enter the login credentials. The Apple Airport Extreme does not have a default username but uses ‘public’ as the default password. “Without quotes”.  Click the ‘login’ or ‘OK’ button to proceed to the next step.

You will be directed to the Apple home page where you can configure a variety of settings to match your specifications and preferences. If you change the default password, you will be required to enter the new passphrase to access your router’s interface.

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