Arris Default Password

Arris Default Password

The Arris routers come in various designs and features. It is always important to determine the properties that make up the best router before making the final purchasing decision.

Most of the Arris routers are equipped with the factory settings when bought for the first time. To log in to the administrative panel of your router, you will need the login credentials provided by your Internet service provider. The default username and password of the Arris routers are ‘admin’ and ‘password’ without the quotes. If you had altered the security settings, you will need the new login credentials to access your router’s interface.

Logging in to your Arris router

You first have to determine the IP address of your router before you can begin the login process. You can check it in the user manual or the manufacturer’s website if it is not available.

Since you have your IP address, open any web browser and type the address in the URL text field. Once you click the ‘Enter’ button, a new window will appear prompting you to enter your login credentials.

You will use the Default username and password to pass the login test. Confirm that you have entered them correctly before clicking the ‘Login’ button.

It will direct you to the home page of your router. Here, you can alter different settings to suit your preferences. You can also assign your router with a new password. Note it down for future reference should you forget at some point.

What if I forget my password?

There are many circumstances that can make you forget your password. If you had not altered the settings, check the manufacturer’s website or contact your internet service provider for more information.

In a situation where you had changed the factory settings and you cannot remember your password, you will need to perform a hard reset. It clears the recent settings of the router and restores them to the default configurations.

Check at the back of your router for a button located next to the Coaxial input. Press and hold the reset button for about fifteen seconds. After the router is reset, you can now search for wireless networks using your computer. The next time you log in to your router, you will use the default username and password to access the user interface. If you wish to alter the password and the SSID, all the configurations can be altered once you log in to your router’s administrative panel.

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